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Wheel alignment is a simple but necessary procedure for your vehicle, as it provides you with safety and economy while driving. 



Many people confuse alignment with balancing, but they are two different services. Balancing ensures the even distribution of the car's weight on each wheel separately and is necessary after every tire change and not only. 


Rim Repair

Rim repairs are a service we have had for years, they are after all one of the most important but also the most common procedures required. We, pioneers and dedicated in our field, have developed it over the years. 


Tire Repair

It is now known that we provide high-demand services for every vehicle. Your tire repairs could not be an exception, after all it has been one of our most common services over the years. 


The diary page read 1964, when Ioannis Lantzas started the tire trade, based in Thespies, Boeotia. For many decades it supplied tires to KTEL, but also to several motorists of the time. Pirelli and Michelin have been our main partners and suppliers from the beginning, and they continue to be by our side for almost 60 years.

In 1990, the reins are now held by the second generation of the family business, with Vasilios and Evangelos Lanza at the helm, to start trading tires in Thebes.
In 1993, the company changes together with headquarters and status. Transport to 3 km of Thebes Livadia in privately owned facilities and now deals with almost every form of service.
This headquarters housed the company for more than 2 decades. During those years, an excellent relationship with the customer was built, the name of the company was now intertwined with quality and trust. Even the most demanding customer is now convinced! Since the beginning of 2016, we have been in new privately owned and technologically advanced facilities on the ring road of Thivon, in an area of 4 acres.
We have state-of-the-art alignment, balance-diagnostic, truck and car dismantlers.

The third generation of the family is now at the helm of the business, while the staff is stronger than ever! Based on the past, on the experience and know-how of the old, but also on the finesse and grace of the young, we move forward dynamically, continue to learn, become better and go one step further each time.


Michelin l am

The French giant and pioneer of the global market has been our main partner for more than half a century. It has a range with a huge range, designs and options for every use, from Moto, pc, van, suv, off road, truck, agro to industrial! Really almost anything you need, you can find it here and at the highest level.

Michelin l am 2

Motorsport technology in your car. The Italian brand, also our partner for more than half a century, is a brand completely intertwined with speed racing. From the crown of motorsport and Formula 1 and with collaborations with legendary brands of the motoring world, in your own vehicle.

falken color

The Japanese factory is one of the most developed in recent years, in the field of tires. It is a smart solution for you who want to save on your pocket, but not on quality. The evolution of this particular brand is rapid and is increasing in every sector. A brand that continues to steal impressions and grow.

TOYO l color

The Japanese in the last 20 years have made leaps and bounds. One of the most recognized tire companies on the planet now is TOYO. It has been our key partner in the wider region for more than 10 years, while it is a smart and quality choice for several categories of vehicles.


Another tire company from the land of Sushi and Samurai, who are truly "tire lovers". A famous brand from East Asia, to the City of Angels. It is King in the field of suv and off road with tremendous quality options for professionals and with a strong presence in the field of motorsport that many would envy.

Goodyears l am

One of the 5 titans in the tire industry. With a presence everywhere in the world! He has made history in speed racing, both in Europe and in America. Top quality choice for your motorcycle, car, truck and more.

Goodtears l color

The American of the Michelin group and one of the most historic tire companies in existence. Off road GOAT and reigning champion in the toughest races on earth. For some years now it has been an ideal choice for every motorist under the supervision of the parent company.

kleber l color

Another member of the Michelin family. It has a large selection of products, the best umbrella on earth (together with Michelin) and a great choice for every farmer and his tractor or machine. Excellent all season, or winter tire, for you and your car.

maxxis l color

One of the 10 largest tire companies in the world, made in Taiwan. Master in particularly difficult tire categories, such as bicycles, pigs, mowers but also scooters and skates. The largest range of off-road tires for suv or jeep with options cut and sewn for the Greek market.

Alliance l color

A company with a very heavy heritage in the agricultural sector. One of our best partners in recent years, always by the customer's side with know-how, solutions, quality and countless options. The Indians have put the glasses on many and the company's new radial tire is tired of stealing impressions and winning awards and audiences.


Alex Lantzas

CEO Founder

Alex Lantzas

CEO Founder

Alex Lantzas

CEO Founder

Alex Lantzas

CEO Founder

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